Tuminugan Activated Charcoal 150 capsules


Tuminugan Activated Charcoal is 100% food grade organic made from coconut. This super potent natural treatment is used to trap toxins and chemicals in the body, allowing them to be flushed out so the body does not re-absorb them. These capsules are packed with healing properties that safely and effectively treat poisoning and drug overdoses in emergency trauma centers worldwide.

Get whiter teeth and clearer skin, manage bloating and flatulence, get rid of toxins, and prevent nasty hangovers with this all natural Tuminugan Activated Charcoal.

150 capsules.

Weight 500 g


* Treats alcohol poisoning and prevents hangovers
* Detoxifies the digestive system
* Can be used in emergency toxin removal
* Lowers bad cholesterol
* Deeply cleanses teeth and removes discolorations
* Effectively treats body odor and acne
* Relieves insect bites and rashes
* Helps alleviate bloating and flatulence