Support the indigenous communities in Mindanao by buying our products.

The adlai shortage brought about by the droughts in Mindanao, left the farmers with insufficient livelihood income. We humbly appeal to your gracious hearts to help raise funds for the replanting to help sustain the livelihood of the Indigenous farmers.


We are temporarily increasing the price of Hineleban Adlai to allow them to recoup earnings with self-respect and dignity. If you find it in your heart, together, let’s help uplift the lives of the Filipino farmers.

Tuminugan Turmeric

has been tested to have 8-12% curcumin levels, the active ingredient in turmeric. In capsule format for easier consumption, this superfood is packed with 300% more curcumin than others.

Healthy Recipes to Try

Learn how to make tasty and healthy meals using our products.

A Network of Sustainable Farms

Each tribal community we partner with is called a Hineleban Farm. Together, our network of farms grow crops that are then processed, packaged, and sold on a commercial scale, to create a sustainable livelihood for each community.

Register your tree codes

A tree is planted in your name by the Hineleban Foundation for every bag of coffee you buy.  Find the code on the package and register your tree now. #SipandReforest