About Us

who are we?

Hineleban Foundation is an organization with a major advocacy of reforestation, while creating sustainable livelihood opportunities for the indigenous communities living in the buffer zones of the high mountains.

Tuminugan Farm is the birthplace, and research and development farm of Hineleban. The farm also has it’s own products independent from the foundation, and is home to it’s founders.

where are we?

The farm and the foundation are located in the foothills of Mt. Kitanglad, Bukidnon, Mindanao, Philippines.

what do we do?

our hineleban products are a result of the foundation’s ‘transformational business partnership’ program with the indigenous communities in Bukidnon.

our tuminugan products are independant from the foundation, and are a result of nature’s bounty.

In 1975, John Paul Perrine founded the farm, settling on 64 hectares of bare cogon grassland containing just one avocado tree, a clump of bamboo, and barely any wildlife. He begun planting various trees for shade, thereupon learning the challenges of reforestation on degraded sites. The destructive nature of cogon grass has been attributed to being the major cause of unsuccessful reforestation efforts nationwide; failures amounting to over thirty seven billion pesos in the last four decades of reforestation, with less than 10% surviving.

The College of Forestry at the University of the Philippines, Los Baños, has been studying Tuminugan Farm due to it’s success for being the only bio-diverse rainforest site in the country established out of cogon grassland. More than seventy five bird species have been recorded, on top of an abundance of flora and fauna. Today, Tuminugan Farm also serves as the central hub for Hineleban Foundation’s research and development on livelihood crops and sustainable methodologies for small farmers and the Indigenous People.

“The spirit of the gathering and giving Mother Tree of the Rainforest that sustains the cycle of all life” – meaning of ‘Hineleban’

Hineleban Foundation was founded in 2008, with the major advocacy of re-establishing the rainforests of the upper mountain ranges of Mindanao beginning with Bukidnon, while creating sustainable livelihood opportunities for the indigenous communities living in the buffer zones of the high mountains, thereby empowering them to take back their roles of being custodians of the rainforest. (Please visit us at www.hineleban.org for more information.)

The Tuminugan and Hineleban Products we have today are all nature’s bounty, each with a unique story of it’s own serendipitous finding. We were gifted the names ‘Tuminugan’ and ‘Hineleban’ by the Indigenous People of Bukidnon for sharing the same vision of restoration of our environment and our mother rainforests, and for the full commitment that we have brought to this effort.